Marina Alicante in the sunset with people strolling by
Postiguet beach in January

Here are some of the reasons why many foreigners choose to move to Alicante:
Alicante, our beautiful city, located on the southeast coast of Spain, is a popular destination for foreigners looking to move abroad.

Alicante Old Town

More than half of all property sales are made to foreigners and according to Idealista (the app used for searching for a home in Spain) between June and September 2022, foreigners bought 26,728 homes, which represents 15.92% of the total number of registered sales and purchases in Spain. With its sunny beaches, vibrant culture, and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, Alicante offers a lot to those looking to make a change.

Pirates at the Start of the Ocean Race in January 2023

Weather: Alicante boasts a Mediterranean climate, which means warm summers and mild winters. In several surveys Alicante has been voted the sunniest city in Europe. This makes it a perfect place for outdoor activities and a great escape from colder climates.

Benalua market on Thursday and Saturday morning

Cost of living: Alicante is known for having a lower cost of living compared to other cities in Europe, making it a more affordable place to live. This can be especially appealing to those looking to retire or start a new life abroad.

Summer at the beach

Beaches: Alicante has some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, and many foreigners are drawn to the city for this reason.

Beautiful clear water

With crystal-clear waters and soft sand, these beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. San Juan playa, el Campello and Pau 5 are all modern and developing beach areas for permanent residents.

Classic pulpo con patatas

Food: Alicante is renowned for its delicious cuisine, with a strong emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a traditional paella (or the even more traditional Arroz a banda). or a modern tapas bar, you’ll find a wide variety of food options in the city.

Dorada: easy to cook and cheap to buy

In fact. Leisure is a particular growth area in Alicante.

Culture: Alicante is rich in history and culture, with a variety of festivals, events, and attractions taking place throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in the arts, history, or simply soaking up the local culture, Alicante has something for everyone.

Just another excuse for a fiesta

They say that Alicante has more festival than any other Spanish City and I for one, absolutely believe that.

Hogueras San Juan fiesta

Sometimes we step one foot from the front door and find ourselves in a middle of a parade or March.

Lifestyle: Alicante is a relaxed and laid-back city, and many foreigners are drawn to this relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle for the sake of their families and their children. From leisurely strolls along the beach to evenings spent dining al fresco, Alicante is a city that encourages a slower pace of life and is very welcoming to children. A recent BBC report cited Spain as one of the top 5 places to bring up children in the world. 

Plenty of outdoor and beach time with friends

One of the things that makes Alicante such an attractive place for foreigners is the very fact that it is such an international city in terms of its inhabitants. There are people from all over the world in Alicante and that also tends to bring with it different cultures and  traditions. This is often borne out in shops and restaurants that pop up all over the city.

Plenty of Ramen available in Alicante these days, as well as a host of different cuisines

One important thing to say is that, if you are British and you are seeking a very British kind of lifestyle surrounded by fellow ´Brits’ then Alicante city itself is probably not your best choice. Despite the popularity with nations all over the world there are not that many in Alicante City. For a more British way of life there are some wonderful towns in the Alicante region where you can find that lifestyle, Benidorm being the biggest and best but there are many more. 

Who doesn’t ❤️ a trip to Benidorm and it’s only an hour away on the tram

Travel Links: Alicante has tremendous travel links, the airport is only a 20 minute bus ride to the city and costs a bit less than 4 euros. The train station has high speed trains to Madrid that will set you down in the capital in just a few short hours. Or Valencia in less than 2 hours. 

Tram station in Alicante

There are also plenty of buses and a wonderful clean and cheap Tram system. On top of all that Alicante is an easily walkable city, it’s so easy to find your way around in just a few short days.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why foreigners move to Alicante. Whether you’re looking for a change in climate, a more affordable lifestyle, or simply a new adventure, this city has a lot to offer. So if you’re thinking about making a move abroad, consider Alicante as your destination and discover for yourself why so many foreigners have chosen to call this beautiful city their home.

The marina in Alicante at night