Poster for Alicante tapas competition

Anyone visiting the beautiful city of Alicante will also be wanting to find the best food experiences available during their trip. So, consequently,  People often ask: ‘where do you get the best tapas in the Alicante?’ 

In a city that is known for exciting food and varied gastronomy, naming the best places to eat is usually going to be a subjective matter but at last, we can give an official answer. 

According to professional judges the best tapa in Alicante in 2021 can be found by travelling to the neighbourhood of Altozano ( a walk or a short bus ride from the centre of town) and seeking out a place called Gastrobar Jorge ( on Calle Martin Luther King.

…and the winner is …

Alicante is a city that is proud of its Gastronomy. City chiefs recently decided to hold a competition to find the best tapa in town. Thirty local restaurants made the cut to the finals and the proud winner of the inaugural competition, announced by the vice mayor, Mari Carmen Sanchez and councillor for Commerce and hospitality, Lidía López, was  Gastrobar Jorge.

Gastrobar Jorge
In an unassuming street in a residential area of Alicante sits Gastrobar Jorge

The announcement was made in Alicante’s own “Temple” of food, the central market on the 13th July 2021. The winning dish was a lobster lollipop with cream and rice. Gastrobar Jorge is open 7 days and has a fantastic reputation locally making the best with local produce and for cooking great rice dishes.
In another great Leap Forward for vegetarian food in the city, the second place went to El Mincho (, with it’s tapa of celeriac and roasted avocado. This was the only vegan entrant in the competition. 

Gastrobar Jorge winners
Winners of the best tapa in Alicante 2021

After such a difficult 18 months for the hospitality industry and it’s great to see the restaurants of Alicante bouncing back at the highest level and showcasing the fantastic produce from the Alicante region. For more information about the competition and to see a list of all the contestants read more on

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