Alicante is a fantastic culinary and cultural city. This beautiful jewel of a city has a growing reputation in Spain as a food destination. The choice and range of eating places is huge ( and ever expanding) and the people, just like the Mediterranean weather, are warm and welcoming. 

El portal interior

In this post we are going to list the five places to stop a while and enjoy a few decadent cocktails and luxurious tapas on a night out in the city.

5. Soho Mar (Marina)

For that authentic boats and palm trees “Mediterranean” experience head to Soho Mar next to the Alicante’s main marina. The vibe here is laid back and stylish. It’s great for one or two drinks but might be a tad expensive if you stayed here the whole night. The staff are professional and courteous, the view of the marina is the best in Alicante and the drinks are cold. Best time to come is at sunset. Watching the sun go down here is absolutely gorgeous even in December as you can see. 

Staff taking orders at Soho
The girls at Soho

4. Amérigo Rooftop (Calle Mayor)

Alicante is not yet awash with rooftop bars in the same way as other Spanish cities but things are rapidly changing and each year more and more rooftop options are popping up. The next bar on our list sits on the roof of one of the most prestigious hotels in Alicante city; Hotel Hospes in Calle Mayor.

Amérigo Rooftop is a cool space in the heart of the old town where you can sip a cocktail, eat very good croquetas and enjoy the views of the attractive traditional buildings of the old town, not to mention the amazing view of Santa Barbara castle on top of Mount Benacassi. As the bar is not too well known by tourists, it tends to be requested more by guests of the hotel but it’s definitely worth putting on your list of bars to tick off your list whilst you’re in town.

View from hostess at night
Rooftop bar Hospes Amerigo

3. 26 Lounge Bar (plaza portal de Elche)

Plaza portal de Elche, one of the finest plazas in Alicante, is one of those places that everyone passes through. Built in the 19th century as a meeting place and water supply, it is now a very chic place to meet friends to start or  finish an evening. 26 Lounge bar sits next to the Plaza.

26 lounge bar interior
Cocktails at 26

The attractive small kiosk bar inside the middle of the plaza also serves drinks but it tends to be overpriced because of its location. The cocktail menu at No 26 is extensive, the staff are young and energetic and the glasses are large. You’re sure to enjoy this place, whether you decide to sit at an outside table or to enjoy the chic wooden interiors of the bar.

2. El Portal (Bilbao 2, Alacant, 03001, Spain)

Situated on the other side of the Plaza portal de Elche, El Portal stands elegantly on the corner of Calle Médico Manero Mollà and Calle Bilbao. This opulent and plush gastro-bar serves up the very best quality of local food in the form of plump Denia prawns, fresh tuna, beef cheeks, local bread and  cheeses. The decor is deliberately over the top, the kitchen is very good and the ambience is super cool. Don’t expect a lot of change when you order your cocktails here but El Portal is one of those places that feels reassuringly expensive. Definitely, not one to miss.

Oysters in el portal
El portal

1. Bar Manero (Calle Médico Manero Mollà)

It says a lot about Alicante’s rapidly growing reputation as one of Spain’s culinary cities that Literally 3 doors up from El Portal you will come across the small but beautiful Bar Manero.

Bar manero alicante

Everything about this compact, Art Deco bar cum delicatessen feels stylish and sumptuously elegant. The bar/ counter boasts a fresh display containing king crab, oysters, prawns and small tins of caviar. The tapas and small dishes served here are among the best in the city. Some examples are; classics like croquetas, pulpo Gallego and the finest Jamon sit alongside rich small portions of beef cheeks, tuna tatiki and the finest cheeses. You may have to wait a little while for a table, but it’s worth the wait. While waiting, enjoy a cocktail and the slightly quirky music from the live DJ.

Deli at manero
Engraved glass bar manero

The five bars listed above are fantastic to visit when you next come to Alicante, but bear in mind that there are hundreds of fantastic bars and restaurants in this great city. Watch out for more blogs on some of them.